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Michelle, 55, has worked at Enham 3rd Party Logistics for over 20 years. “I love working at E3PL as I get to do loads of different things, I earn my own money and can pay my bills.”

Michelle has worked at Enham 3PL for over 20 years

Christmas can be the busiest time for any business and perhaps nowhere more so than in the packaging industry. With the build-up to the festive season coming around earlier year on year, suppliers’ expectations of a high quality, efficient service, delivered against tight deadlines, results in a particularly intensive work schedule for packaging companies.

Packaging for prestigious UK brands

Thanks to Enham 3rd Party Logistics (E3PL), leading UK brands can be assured their Christmas products will hit retailers’ shelves across the country in good time for the festive shopping season.  E3PL has 12 years’ experience in packaging pre-packed dry goods for a number of prestigious customers across the FMCG sector, as well as smaller businesses requiring packaging, assembly, fulfilments and storage of goods. On average, E3PL handles over 800,000 Christmas products each year, including cosmetics, food presentation boxes, limited-edition toy collections and festive tins.

E3PL is a social enterprise operated by Enham Trust, a charity supporting disabled people to live lives of choice, independence and control. It employs a mixed-ability community of 33 staff, 26 of whom have a range of  physical and learning disabilities. E3PL profits help fund the broader work of its parent charity.

Bespoke packaging and storage from E3PL

All staff are trained to provide standard and bespoke services, from packaging giftsets and labelling to re-labelling and re-packing. They fill, tamper seal, label and pack, and undertake palletising and despatching to customers’ specifications. The onsite warehouse enables storage of container loads under stringent inventory and stock control.

E3PL has achieved BRC accreditation in recognition of its quality assured work with prepacked foods such as biscuits, confectionery and drink brands including Ovaltine and Options. E3PL also boasts an impressive client list including a leading UK tea manufacturer and luxury brand Fortnum & Mason (F&M).

Developing skills and confidence

Fulfilling orders and meeting client demand is crucial to E3PL’ success. But developing the skills and confidence of the workforce to enable internal career progression and transition to mainstream employment is another key priority for management and Enham Trust.

Mike Batchelor, Operations Manager, explains:

"In 2015, Enham 3PL appointed disabled staff in supervisory positions on the production line. This demonstration of confidence in their abilities has been a huge motivator, as they explain in their own words:ake sure staff have the opportunity to gain new skills and confidence whilst performing to high standards."

"It is a challenge, but I am determined and motivated and will do my very best!" - Mark

"I am so proud to wear my highviz Line Leader jacket" - Sue

"I enjoy working hard and ensuring people are happy doing what they are doing" - Jonathan

Managing a mixed-ability workforce within a busy packaging environment covering 45,000 square feet brings certain operational challenges. One warehouse operative with learning difficulties who received fork lift training had never operated a motorised vehicle before; he now has his driving licence and says it has ‘changed his life.’

Supporting disabled people to gain employment

Disabled people can struggle to find work with employers willing to give them positions of responsibility and invest in their professional development. E3PL is a perfect example of Enham Trust’s ethos; saying yes to opportunities, pushing boundaries, and challenging the limits of what is possible to ensure disabled people living across the country gain choice, control, and independence over their daily lives.

"I’m really proud of what the team here has worked hard to achieve", comments Mike.

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Enham 3PL is an Enham Trust Social Enterprise

Enham Trust enriches the lives of over 8,500 individuals each year, to achieve greater independence, choice and control in the cornerstone areas of their lives; housing, care, work and skills development.

Enham 3PL is an Enham Trust Social Enterprise that makes valuable contributions to the success of the charity and provides our customers with essential employment opportunities for disabled people in the local community. For more information about a specific Enham Social Enterprise, please click on the logo links below.

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