Our Pricing

Enham 3PL offers a quality and reliable service, from both simple to complex projects. We offer a range of pricing options and can be flexible to suit your needs.

Contract Packing prices

We pride ourselves on tailoring our services to meet the demands of our customers. Because every client is unique, we offer prices based only on the services you require.

Our contract packing, assembly and fulfilment charges are priced individually to meet the customers’ exact requirements. Please give us a ring or email us today.

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Storage prices

Our 3PL and storage prices vary depending on your requirements. Each of our clients is provided with a warehouse tariff depending on your request. We're here to discuss the precise pallet sizes and quantity should you need it. All of our prices are quoted ex VAT. 

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Enham 3PL is an Enham Trust Social Enterprise

Enham Trust enriches the lives of over 8,500 individuals each year, to achieve greater independence, choice and control in the cornerstone areas of their lives; housing, care, work and skills development.

Enham 3PL is an Enham Trust Social Enterprise that makes valuable contributions to the success of the charity and provides our customers with essential employment opportunities for disabled people in the local community. For more information about a specific Enham Social Enterprise, please click on the logo links below.

  • Mount Industries furniture logo
  • Enham Trust Gardening Services social enterprise logo
  • The Radio Enham logo

Or visit the Enham Trust website


Enham 3rd Party Logistics
Montgomery House, Newbury Road,
Enham Place, Enham Alamein,
Andover, Hampshire,
SP11 6JS

Telephone: 01264 345818
Fax: 01264 333638