We have a range of fulfilment solutions that are tailored to suit businesses of all size.

Fulfilment House in Andover


Bespoke solutions for your non-machine packing needs. Examples include:

  • Assembly – folding flat pack into a box or carton, filling, sealing and labelling.
  • Gift Packs – Filling tins, seasonal gift packs with varied content, sealing and packing.
  • Labelling – Barcode labels, Julien lot code and tamper seals can be placed precisely by hand.
  • Rework – Bulk outers are reworked into small pack quantities for the end user, labelled and delivered.
  • Fulfilment – Receiving product and packaging, assembly, packing, palletising and despatch.
  • Shrinkwrapping - packaging articles by enclosing them in clinging transparent plastic film.
  • Box manufacture - manufacturing a wide range of cardboard box sizes.


We are able to rework bulk outers into small pack quantities, which are suitable for the end user. These are then labelled and delivered.

E3PL is able to produce bespoke labels upon request, for example sell by dates, listed ingredients, packaged dates and batch numbers.

Contract Packing Solutions

We are experts in manual operations and are able to offer bespoke solutions for your non-machine packing needs. We have over 12 years’ experience and an impressive customer list including Fortnum & Mason, Twinings and Prestige Touch.

Julian lot coding

This service is vital for customers who require full traceability of their products.

Tamper sealing

E3PL offers a vital tamper sealing service, so that our customers are reassured that their stock has not been altered since it left the manufacturer.

Pallet supply

We supply standard UK Pallets to our customers. However, we can pick and pack your stored goods to a pallet build specification that suits your onward supply chain.

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