Shrink Wrapping Service

Protecting your products with our innovative shrink wrap machine


Here at Enham 3PL, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer holistic third party logistics services to our clients; supporting you with all your logistic needs.

Our innovative shrink wrap machine – the Turn Table Rotoplat Series 8 – ensures your products are safely and securely wrapped with speed & efficiency; supporting you to meet the ever increasing demands and requirements of your customers.

Reliability & precision, every time

With multilevel control functionality, and film tensioning & pre-stretch available, not only is the Rotoplat Series 8 fast and efficient, but also reliable, durable, and precise; your products safeguarded against damage in transit, from dirt or moisture, and any other harmful factors they might come into contact with.

A cost-effective storage solution

Protect your products, enhance product appeal, and ensure ease of transport with shrink film wrapping; shrink wrap product packaging can also save storage space, making it an ideal money-saving, cost-effective solution for any discerning business.

Highest quality shrink wrap machine

With an adjustable stretch ratio of between 150 & 400%, our shrink wrapping machine is guaranteed to provide the highest quality shrink wrap available to the market, whatever the size or shape of your products.

Simple & intuitive packing cycles

The simple and intuitive settings of the Rotoplat Series 8 mean our operators can quickly & easily select which and how many levels should be enabled during the automatic packaging cycle.

This allows each product to be packaged within its own particular cycle; a cycle that enables optimal restriction and protection alongside significant applied stretch film savings.


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